c  o  m  p  a  n  y

The Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP)

The Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP) quickly enhances the texture and juiciness of meat. It creates a high amplitude pulse waveform between the two fork electrodes. This pulse creates a rapid electric field change (of only a few millionths of a second in duration) this naturally forces the polar ionic molecules within the meat to be instantly attracted to or repelled from the forks depending on their ionic charge. The resulting ion movement has three major effects; 

  1. The ions that were attached by to certain motor control proteins (troponins) by weak hydrogen bonds become detached.
  2. Second the weak hydrogen bonds between muscle filaments actin and myosin also detach. the detached troponins allow the tropomyosin to relax and hide the the actin binding locations allowing the actin and myosin muscle fibers to naturally slide past each other to extend completely relaxing the meat.
  3.  Finally all muscle membranes that are perpendicular to the pulsed electric field  become temporarily porous allowing the passive transfer of molecules ions and flavors into and/or out of the cells via natural concentration gradients.

We take advantage of all three effects to naturally enhance the meat. we can enhance and expedite a natural brine; or we can  tenderize the meat with the natural release of enzymes trapped within the cells' own organelles (lysosomes, mitochondria, sarcoplasmic and reticulm) the difference between the two enhancement methods is the direction and size of the concentration gradients.  

 Flavorkey™ brine

In a fast brine the concentration gradient is greater than 10 times the concentration of the cell plasma. 

By placing the meat into a brine solution we put added osmotic pressure on the outside of the cells. This forces the ions salts and flavor molecules into the cells through the small pores created by the Flavorkey™ pulses (the temporary dielectric breakdown of the lipid bilayer of the membrane). The membranes re-equilibriate  causing the pores in the cell membranes naturally close. The higher concentration of ions from the outside the cell from the brine are now "locked" inside the cells. The higher concentration of ions causes protein instability at a molecular level forcing many of the relaxed muscle proteins to unwind and re equilibrate with these ions. The proteins tangle to form a water and flavor holding gel so that when the meat is cooked it has less evaporative loss, therefore it retains more of its juicy goodness. Hence the name The Flavorkey™ Culinary pulser -- it's the "key" that unlocks the cells, allowing you the ultimate control over the tenderness and juiciness of your meat.

Flavorkey™ natural enzyme release 

For a natural enzyme release we do not place the meat in brine after Flavorkey™ pulse treatment. The concentration of ions within the organelles is slightly higher than the cells intra-cellular fluid forcing the ions and enzymes to leak out of the organelles into the cells then out of the cells. where the enzymes go to work to naturally break down the connective tissue and proteins resulting in a naturally more tender meat. because the concentration gradients are small this process is several times slower than the Flavorkey™ brine

Science of how the Flavorkey™ CP works