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About Us

What We Believe 
We believe cooking should be fun and adventurous. We believe friends and family gather around food to celebrate life’s journey, during good times and bad. It's the times we spend doing the little things that that matter most — this includes sharing cooking traditions.   

If you’re ready for an adventure, help us make cooking more fun for your family and friends!

We hope your next culinary adventure starts here so together we can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one, in just a few short and simple steps, allowing you to step out of the kitchen and spend more quality time with your family and friends.

How We Started
​ETEKA LLC was founded in 2005 to bring the Flavorkey ™ CP to the masses. Dr. Peter Pelletier, PhD, discovered that electroporation technology could be used to expedite the brining process of lean meats and more. Several years of determined research and development was then dedicated to:

•    Optimizing this technology for brining lean meat at home
•    Increasing safety and performance
•    Reducing the cost of the system by a factor of 100 (laboratory electroporators cost several thousands of dollars)
•    Increasing the convenience, versatility, ease of use, style, capability and features

We were launched with the help of The EDSON Student Entrepreneur Initiative at Arizona State University.

Dr. Peter Pelletier,  PhD is the co-founder of ETEKA LLC. and inventor of the Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP) he has earned his PhD, Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University with emphasis on bio-electricity. He enjoys all things science, but he really geeks out when learning about human behavior and our brains. Naturally he also has a passion for electronics, cooking, gardening and his family. Follow him on twitter @pelletier_peter .



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