The Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP)

c  o  m  p  a  n  y


A revolutionary new invention that instantly brines meat in minutes, not hours!

Combine Your Passions for Food & Technology​ 

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The Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP) is an ETEKA LLC product protected by US utility patent  US 7,776,373 B2 and other foreign and international patents pending.

Give yourself a culinary advantage with The Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP), the latest in food technology for home use. The Flavorkey Culinary Pulser is designed to help the novice cook and the expert chef create tender, juicy and mouthwatering meats faster and easier than ever before. The Flavorkey helps keep moisture inside the meat, so you’ll never end up with dry, tough or rubbery meats again — guaranteed!

That’s right. The Flavorkey™ Culinary Pulser (CP) guarantees practically any cook can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one with this quick, easy-to-use briner. The patented electroporation technology ensures meat comes out 20 percent juicier, tenderer and more flavorful in minutes instead of hours, eliminating the need to plan your meaty meal or BBQ feast days in advance. With the Flavorkey portable tool, simply pierce, pulse and then place meat in a basic brine or your favorite flavored brine. And in just a few short minutes* your meat will be primed and ready to cook, guaranteeing perfectly prepared meats every time.

(*5 to 10 minute rest in brine depending on meat thickness)

​​Show Your Passion for Food & Technology​ with the Flavorkey Culinary Pulser